Run Toward the Roar
May 08, 2012

On June 5 hundreds of executives, health care leaders and policy makers will join me in Nashville, Tenn. to embrace the many challenges before us in health care. While it is true that my focus is on diversity, very little in health care can effectively be tackled in a singular fashion. When I address issues related to diversity I must also be cognoscente of the current political climate, new legislation and regulations to name just a few of the bigger, national complications. It is for this reason that our upcoming national leadership and education conference is titled Run Toward the Roar. Confronting Disparities: a National Call to Action.

This is an exciting time to be in health care, but it can also be overwhelming at times. The ‘noise’ we hear from so many different areas can cause us as individuals to instinctually shy away from challenges before us. Diversity management, to some, may seem like one issue that can be placed on hold for the time being. Why tackle this when I have so many others issues before me. However, the challenges related to diversity and disparities cannot wait. Diversity management represents a business requirement that will intensify as the general population, and accordingly the patient population, continues to become more diverse. The unintended consequences of delaying action could exacerbate existing disparities and result in an even greater challenge in the near future.

Those working in the areas of equitable care intuitively understand this challenge. Those who are successful have come to realize that health care disparities are about quality. Ensuring that patients and the community served receive the best care possible requires that everyone have access to high quality care personalized to their individual need, regardless of race, ethnicity, language or health status. Diversity management plays a key role here too. Having a staff, leadership and governance team that is reflective of the patients served helps ensure that they have a deeper understanding of their needs. Each community is different and hospitals that can effectively embrace this difference can better meet community needs.

I hope you can join me in Nashville next month. The National Conference is designed to provide technical assistance to encourage caregivers and leaders to answer the call for equity. Our speakers will showcase successful strategies and proven best practices for reducing disparities that you can take back to implement in your organization.

If you cannot join us…I know you’re busy….please visit us online and consider us a resource. Our call to action is immediate and we are looking to build on your momentum.

P.S. Registration is still open for our National Leadership and Education Conference

Fredrick D. Hobby, President/CEO,Institute for Diversity in Health Management

by Frederick D. Hobby
Institute for Diversity in Health Management


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